Näyttelytulokset, Nisse

Kuopio 8.12.2013 CACIB Mats Askett Ears: EX size and placement, open base.
Kuopio 7.12.2013 CAC, CH Sebastian Pruchniak Type: EX size young male. Could be more muscles.
Turku 23.11.2013
CAC Annika Billing Type: EX solid built male. Eyes: Ex shape.
Turku 22.11.2013 CAC Pia Nyman Korvat: Suuret. Erinomainen sijainti ja muoto.
Seinäjoki 29.9.2013 EX1 BIV NOM BIS Michael Edström Head: Straight lines on each side of the head.
Seinäjoki 28.9.2013 EX1 Aase Nissen Coat: Promising quality and texture.
Tampere 8.9.2013 EX2 Tellervo Kass
Tampere 7.9.2013 EX1 BIV NOM BIS Raymond A. Saetre Eyes: Super look! Condition: SUPER DUPER
Luulaja 1.9.2013 EX2 Alexey Shchukin Type: Long boy with strong boning and muscular body.
Luulaja 31.8.2013 EX3 Eric Reijers Type: Medium sized & muscular.
Vantaa 25.8.2013 EX3 Joelle Monney Pillonel Head: Medium chin. Forehead could be rounder.
Vantaa 24.8.2013 EX3 Henry Hornell Tail: Good lenght. Bushy. Coat: Excellent texture.
Kempele 7.7.2013
EX1 NOM BIS Kristiina Rautio Kunto: Erinomainen kunto. Kiltti ja rauhallinen.
Kempele 6.7.2013
EX1 Louis Coste Eyes: EX shape. Super NFO-look.
Hankasalmi 16.6.2013 EX1 NOM Marta Ziemianska Type: EX firm, strong & long body. EX boning.
Hankasalmi 15.6.2013 EX1 BIV NOM Lene Glem Type: Large baby in super body. EX high legs.
Tampere 26.5.2013 EX1 BIV NOM Marina Vinkel Head: EX triangular, EX profile, EX chin.
Tampere 25.5.2013 EX2 Allessandro Ghibaudo Coat: baby coat texture, could be better.
Vaasa 12.5.2013 EX1 BIV NOM Lena Björkander Head: Promising triangular shape, EX profile, EX chin.
Vaasa 11.5.2013 EX1 BIV NOM Annelie Persson Overall impression: Promising young male.
Kuopio 14.4.2013 EX1 Vera Vasilieva Type: Long muscular body on high legs.
Kuopio 13.4.2013 EX2 Daria Lukasik Head: Straight profile, strong chin.